About us

About Gili Store - Company of Yoga and Meditation products from Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Calling
Do you know when you feel attracted to a place or something, but can't explain why?

You can be sure, if it comes from the bottom of our heart and soul, there is something there that we need to seek, to know, to (re)find. This is more or less how the story of Gili began.

The Company
Founded in 2016, after a long dreamed trip to Asia, a young couple decided to give up all projects, and embark on a new journey!
Passionate about Mandalas and aware of the importance of meditation and self-knowledge, they plunged into the mission of developing and manufacturing products related to Yoga, Meditation and Decoration.
Combining creation, research, development and exclusive design, our goal is to make Gili products transmit good energy, balance, peace, love and consciousness in the relationship with nature and the human being!
And if you are reading this today, it is further proof that it is worth running after our dreams!
Thank you!

Ateliê Brasil
Welcome to our magical corner. It is in the midst of nature, to the sound of birds with radiant colors, and with a breathtaking view that our team of creation, service and administration develops its activities!
This is where everything begins, where the seeds are planted and where intentions are launched to the universe! Everything happens in an environment aligned with our purpose of transmitting good energies and vibrations through our products!

Name Gili
Many people pronounce the name the way it is written, thinking it is a Portuguese word. But the correct pronunciation is "Guili", with the syllable "gui" sounding like the word "guia" (guide). 
And where did this name come from?
The name came from the Gili Islands, which are actually three sand islands: Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. The trio has in recent years become the darlings of backpackers and travelers who do not dispense blue gradients in their collection of seas.