Privacy Policy

Gili is concerned to provide transparency to the holders of Personal Data about the information collected and processed by us. The protection of your personal data is our commitment and we will always treat it with security, transparency and respect for your privacy.

All personal information collected from you will be used to help make your visit to our site as productive and enjoyable as possible.

To do this, we present our Privacy Notice, which clarifies the use of this information. In this document you will find information about what personal data we process, for what purposes, what your rights are as a holder of Personal Data and how to exercise them with us.

For this reason, we recommend that you read all the information set out here, now and periodically, as this Privacy Notice may change.



Personal data is all the information that allows, directly or indirectly, your identification, such as, for example, your name, ID, e-mail, address, among others.

A data steward is the person responsible for taking care of your privacy here at Gili. If you have any questions about how your data is handled by us, please contact our Data Controller through the specific channel provided at the end of this Notice.

Personal data processing means any activity that you do with Personal Data, such as collecting, using, accessing, accessing, reproducing, sharing, archiving, storing, and deleting it.

Whenever the words "Gili," "we," "us," or "our," are mentioned, we are referring to Gili, and similarly, whenever the words "data subject," "you," "your," or "yours," are mentioned, we are referring to you, the Data Subject.



In order to initiate and maintain a relationship with you, the Data Subject, we need to process certain personal data, which may be provided by you, by third parties, or collected automatically through cookies and similar technologies when you access our websites.

In this sense, we may collect the following personal data:

Registration data: name, ID, address, e-mail, telephone, gender, date of birth, affiliation, social network registration data;
Financial data: bank data, credit card data, payment methods, purchase history;
Behavioral and access data: collected automatically, without you providing them directly and include, for example, IP address, your device identifier, information about your internet provider, product viewing, purchase history, browsing sessions, type of device, location, dates and times of interaction, main searchs/searches on our channels;


Enabling our commercial relationship:
Approval of purchase orders placed and registration for deliveries;
Anti-fraud analysis in purchases to ensure your security;
Processing sales and eventual cancellations of products or services;
Answering questions or providing information;
Registration and consultation in loyalty programs;
Collecting satisfaction surveys in order to improve our relationship;
Offer a solution to your complaints, based on the monitoring of comments about Gili on social networks;
Enabling marketing actions
To make it possible to customize the website, recommending products and banners with offers suitable for you, as well as promoting disclosure activities on other websites or channels (from e-mails, pushes and banners on other websites).

To ensure compliance with legal obligations and the exercise of our rights
Finally, your personal data may be used to comply with obligations established by law, regulations of governmental bodies, tax authorities, judiciary power and/or any other competent authority.

Your personal data may also be used to protect our rights and to act in legal, administrative, and arbitration proceedings.

Some of the data to be informed are optional, that is, the owner can decide whether to inform you or not. However, some of them are essential to complete the order and improve the browsing experience in the store, and if they are not provided, Gili will not be able to complete the activity.

By registering an e-mail address on our website, you agree to receive newsletters and promotions by e-mail, SMS or direct mail. The sending of electronic messages will only be done with your consent and the function may be disabled at any time, just request cancellation.


In the event of any interaction between the Personal Data Holder and Gili's website and advertisements, we automatically store certain information collected through cookies.

Cookies are mechanisms for identifying interactions that take place on our website or through related online advertising. These identifications allow us to recognize you when you return to the site, to better understand your profile, and to offer you a better experience by recommending products and presenting advertisements and other items that may be of interest to you.

We clarify that the main internet browsers allow the owner to manage the use of cookies on your machine. If you prefer to disable the function, simply access the links below and follow the procedure indicated by the manufacturers of each browser:

Google Chrome: (
Internet Explorer: (
Firefox: (
Safari: (
We recommend that you keep cookies enabled to take advantage of all the personalized navigation features offered by Gili. If you disable the function, your browsing experience may be impaired.


In order to ensure that all personal data is not disclosed, all payment transactions are performed using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This technology is intended to prevent information from being transmitted or accessed by third parties.

Also to ensure the confidentiality of your data, all personal information provided at the time of registration is stored securely. In addition, our web and internal systems have anti-intrusion devices.

It is important that you, the holder of Personal Data, protect your information against unauthorized access to your computer, account, or password. To make this possible, we stress the importance of making sure you click "logout" when you end your browsing on a shared computer. Try not to use a sequence of numbers and letters, change your password regularly, and never share it with others.

Gili reminds all owners of Personal Data that we will never send e-mail messages requesting confirmation of data or links to downloads.



 Gili values the security and confidentiality of information provided by the owners of Personal Data, in order to maintain a relationship of trust. However, some services provided by our partners are only possible through the sharing of some information, which we do responsibly and in accordance with all the conditions registered in this Privacy Notice.

If necessary, we share information with suppliers and third parties in order to carry out certain activities, such as logistic services, e-mail sending, database analysis, the creation of marketing actions, and payment processing, which is authorized by the Data Controller at the time of registration, purchase, or any other activity that relies on the sharing of data with third parties to be perfected.

In addition, Gili may share Personal Data during merger and acquisition processes and by judicial request.

You can learn more about the third parties with whom we share your data by submitting a specific request, as detailed below.

It is possible that your Personal Data may be transferred outside Brazil, such as to the United States of America, for storage in cloud services.


You, as a Data Subject, have the following rights concerning your personal information:

To know whether we carry out any processing with your Personal Data, as well as what data is processed;
To correct or request the correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
Request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data or data treated in violation of the law;
Request data portability to another supplier of similar products or services;
To request the deletion of data collected and used based on your consent;
Obtain full information about the public or private entities with which we share your data;
When the processing activity requires your consent, you can refuse to consent. In this case, we will inform you about the consequences of denying your consent;
When the processing activity requires your consent, you may revoke your consent at any time.
To exercise your rights, please contact us through the channel:



We will retain your Personal Data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, unless a longer retention period is necessary to comply with legal obligations, resolve disputes, protect our assets, or comply with court/out-of-court settlements.

In determining the retention period for your Personal Data, we use the following criteria:

Whether we have a legal or contractual obligation to retain Personal Data;
Whether the data is necessary for the purposes of investigation or litigation;
Whether the personal data is necessary for us to maintain accurate business and financial records.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us through our social networks, by e-mail, or through the submission form at



Gili may change or update the information provided herein. We therefore advise you to check this Notice periodically.


Last updated: April 27, 2021.